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Public screening leads to quick treatment

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

It is very difficult for me to share this personal time in my life but since I chose public life as my mission, I decided to share my story. Recently, in my role as a city councilwoman, I attended an event called Raising Breast Cancer Awareness at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital. Wanting to encourage others, I decided to undergo a breast screening on Facebook Live. At the end of the examination, the surgeon whispered to me, "Come back for a checkup, I’d like to follow up something, but don’t worry. "Obviously, I called and made an appointment, but with upcoming municipal elections, my job and caring for three children, I rescheduled my appointment twice. Soon after, an amazing, precious woman I knew died of breast cancer. Though I knew she was sick, her death surprised me. Suddenly, all my excuses to delay my checkup became the reasons I wanted to run to the doctor. Leaving the funeral, I made my appointment. The doctor immediately sent me to surgery to diagnose a lump found. I know everything will be fine. I know that I am in the incredible hands of the amazing Professor Dina Lev, my guardian angel at Assuta Ashdod Hospital. Please, deep down in your heart, if you feel that something is wrong, go to the Woman's Health Center near your home. If you are in Ashdod, run to the Assuta Breast Health Center. The staff, each and every one, are angels in white. Assuta Ashdod mourns the untimely loss of Prof. Dina Lev. Her caring, compassion, and dedication are lasting tributes to her memory.

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