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Prof. Joshua Shemer, MD


Chairman, Assuta Medical Centers Ltd. 

Head, International Resource Development, Samson Assuta Hospital

As founder and past Chairman of Samson Assuta Hospital, Prof. Shemer guided the establishment of the first public hospital built in Israel in over 40 years. Prof. Shemer served for three decades in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), rising from front line combat physician in Sinai through all levels of command to Surgeon General. He has held key positions in the Israeli healthcare system, including Director General of Israel’s Ministry of Health and CEO of Maccabi Health Services.


Prof. Shemer is a foremost specialist in medical technology management and prolific writer.  He shares his expertise as Professor Emeritus at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. He currently serves as Chairman of the National Committee for Health Basket Services and Chairman of the Supervisory Council of the Central Bank of Israel.


Leading medical missions both public and off the record, Prof. Shemer has been recognized globally for his humanitarian efforts.


Ran Sa’ar 


Chairman, Samson Assuta Hospital  Chairman, Maccabi Healthcare Services 

Ran Sa’ar has served as Chairman of Assuta Ashdod and Chairman of Maccabi Healthcare Services since 2019. 

Ran also has been the CEO of Maccabi Heathcare Services from 2011. Over a ten-year period, prior to his appointment as CEO of Maccabi, he first was the Regional Head of the Sharon district and later served as Head of Maccabi Healthcare Services Central District.


Before joining Maccabi, Sa’ar was a senior official in the Prime Minister’s Office and, for many years previously,

held senior positions in Israel’s Department of Defense and Ministry of Defense.


Dr. Erez Barenboim


Director General

Samson Assuta Hospital

An expert in internal medicine, with a specialization in medical administration, Dr. Barenboim studied medicine as part of the IDF academic reserves program. After an extensive career in the IDF, he was discharged in 2015 with the rank of Colonel, having held a series of command positions in Health and Air Force and Medical Corps operations.


Dr. Barenboim also served as Assistant to the CEO of Sheba Hospital, as well as Assistant to the Chief Administrator of Technologies and Medical Infrastructure in the Ministry of Health. Before joining Assuta, Dr. Barenboim worked in the Clalit Health Services Hospital Division, where he served as Deputy Director of Meir Medical Center and served as Director of Beit Rivka Hospital.

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