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In response to a national priority to provide equal healthcare standards throughout the country, Assuta Ashdod Hospital opened its doors in November 2017 as the first public hospital built in Israel in more than 40 years. Located in the southern periphery in Israel’s fifth largest city, Assuta Ashdod serves more than 500,000 Israelis who previously had to travel an hour or more to reach the nearest hospital.


Only 16 miles from the Gaza Strip, the formerly underserved residents of the region and Israeli soldiers, endured rocket attacks and war with no access to immediate healthcare. Today, this state-of-the-art, innovative facility and healthcare model is transforming lives, enabling the once overlooked, largely working class, local immigrant population, as well as wounded soldiers, to receive the best and fastest medical attention available.  

The hospital’s proximity to Gaza is the reason why Assuta Ashdod is also the first rocket-proof hospital in the country, fully prepared for security crises. Built to withstand missiles, as well as chemical and biological weapons attacks, its unique bomb shelter design ensures the hospital can fully function with no interruption to patients, service or care. 




As Israel’s newest hospital, Assuta Ashdod brings the best modern medicine has to offer. This includes state-of-the-art technology and equipment, cutting edge approaches incorporating the latest advances, and overall scientific and medical innovation that will positively impact the region, the nation and the entire world. 

Opening Day Ceremony Credit Oded Karni.j

You can be part of protecting health and safety in Israel today and tomorrow

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