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Preparing for the Yom Kippur Fast: Three Tips

The Yom Kippur fast begins this year on the evening of Sunday, September 24. We asked Michal Kreiter, the head of the Nutrition Department at Samson Assuta Hospital, how to prepare for an easier fast.

Kreiter offered three tips:

No. 1: Stop drinking coffee. If you enjoy a morning cup of Joe, reduce your caffeine load at least several days before the fast. Kreiter warns that you could end up with a dreadful headache if not.

No. 2: Drink and then drink some more. For at least two days before the fast, increase your drinking amount, Kreiter advises. She says a minimum of 2 liters (8.4 cups) of water or another similar drink should be consumed daily.

No. 3: Eat a balanced meal. People tend to eat extra when preparing to fast, thinking it will provide them with reserves. No, says Kreiter, instead eat a moderate portion and avoid salty, spicy or fried foods which can make you thirsty. A light meal, she said, of carbohydrates, vegetables and proteins is ideal.

Kreiter admits, however, that no matter what you do, you will be hungry and thirsty by the end of a 25-hour fast.


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