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From tragedy to triumph: Chen Hadad births healthy baby one year after stillbirth

Updated: May 25, 2023

Chen Hadad, a resident of Nitzan in southern Israel, tragically suffered a stillbirth one year ago when she was in her eighth month of pregnancy. She went through the delivery at Samson Assuta Ashdod University Hospital.

Due to how far along Chen was, the medical team at Assuta Ashdod performed the delivery as if it was a live birth for all intents and purposes with doctors and midwives.

Chen said, "Bringing life into the world is the most significant and beautiful moment for every woman who has chosen to give birth, and just as it is the most beautiful - it may also be perhaps the most difficult.”

A few months after the tragedy, Chen’s pregnancy test was positive again, and she was even more surprised when it turned out that, incredibly, her due date was exactly one year after the stillbirth.

As the day approached - mixed with both fear and joy, anxiety and anticipation - Chen requested that the medical team that would support her during the birth would be exactly the same team that was with her the first time.

In March, Chen gave birth to a healthy and beautiful baby boy at Assuta Ashdod, with midwives Tal Ben Valid and Linoi Cohen Gabor, and doctors Yossi Tovbin and Noa Glick, by her side, just as they were a year before.

“A stillbirth, certainly in the advanced months of pregnancy, is a difficult tragedy for any woman and her family, “ Chen said. “Having a caring and compassionate medical team plays a critical role in those moments.

“It was clear to me that those who were with me in the most difficult moment of my life would be by my side in the happiest moment of my life. I thank them and I thank the Creator of the world."


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