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Combined cancer surgery and C-section results in healthy mom and twin boys

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Irina Polkarov arrived at the hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. She was informed that she was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, her happiness was short-lived as doctors also discovered a substantial cancerous tumor in her ovaries. After much deliberation, the doctors decided that the cancer treatment could not be delayed. Irina was started on various treatments including chemotherapy.

Irina eventually underwent a C-section in week 32 of her pregnancy, delivering two healthy baby boys! During the C-section doctors also fully removed the tumor from her ovaries. “We were so happy we were able to safely perform a C-section and remove the tumor at the same time,” said Dr. Jonathan Stanleigh, Head of Gynecologic Oncology, who was by Irina’s side from the start. “Being able to celebrate the babies’ britot (circumcisions) with the family is truly special for me. The fact that we were able to save both Irina and her babies fill me and my entire team with endless joy.”


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