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Svetlana Balutzky came to Samson Assuta Ashdod straight from the airport. Svetlana fell and broke her hip at home in the Ukraine two months ago, but the doctors there decided she did not need surgery. Following the injury, Svetlana, whose entire family lives in Israel, suffered from debilitating pain and was not able to walk, so her children urged her to move to Israel.

“Svetlana came to us with a fracture in her hip that required a complex surgery,” said Prof. Michael Drexler, head of Orthopedics.“We are so happy we were able to help Svetlana walk again and take her first steps in Israel.”

“We wanted grandmother to come and live close to us,” said Olga Balutzky. “She was there in the Ukraine all alone, and when she broke her hip, I flew out to the Ukraine to take care of her, but the doctors there said it was nothing. Only when we finally came to Assuta Ashdod did we realize how bad her injury really was.”


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